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Pace of Play Policy

-Tournament golf, and AJGT tournament golf, is different than a casual round with friends or your dad. It is incumbent upon you in AJGT tournament play to keep an acceptable pace of play.

-You have a maximum of 40 seconds to play when it is your turn. Assess your yardage and make your club selection before it is your turn to play. When it becomes your turn, move directly into your pre-shot routine. Long, elaborate pre shot and pre putt rituals and multiple practice swings and putting strokes can cause you to play in longer than your allotted time. If you take over 40 seconds to play or putt, you may receive an individual pace of play warning advising you to speed up play.

-If you are timed over 40 seconds, you will be "on the clock" for the remainder of that tournament. Another instance of being timed over 40 seconds by AJGT Tournament Administrators during that event can mean a stroke penalty added to your score on that hole.

-Walk all the way to your ball on every shot, then move aside to let others hit if need be. Avoid stopping with other players while they hit. Walk briskly from shot to shot. If your playing partners are considering a ruling or looking for a lost ball on the other side of the fairway, go ahead and play your ball, even if you're not away.

-Always play ready golf on all teeboxes. Whoever is ready to hit, please go ahead. If you did not have honors on the teebox, but your playing partners aren't ready to hit, go ahead and play.

-Group pace of play warnings are also issued. If your group receives a pace of play warning, due to a lost ball, a ruling question that slows play, or for whatever reason, go to ready golf until your pairing regains position (catches up with the group in front of you). If your pairing does not catch up in reasonable time, all players in the group may receive a pace of play stroke penalty on that hole. Playing ready golf means hitting your ball as soon as you get to it, regardless of who is away, as soon as it's safe to do so.

-Any hand held distance measuring device is allowed at all AJGT tournaments. If you don't carry a distance measuring device, walk off yardage (and make your club selection) before it is your turn to play.

Service Area: Alabama, Dallas, Florida Panhandle, Houston, Louisiana, Mississippi, Shreveport